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The Iowa Wendish Heritage Study Group is focused on the Genealogical Research of the Wends who created and lived in the Iowa Community of Wends from 1847 to present. This includes collecting their family histories, photos, and items of historical interest in order to preserve the memories of Wendish culture and continue to celebrate their unique history.


The collection of Iowa Wendish genealogical data began in about 1980. Members are mainly, but not exclusively, the descendents of the Lower-Wendish emigrants from and near the town of Drachhausen in the south-eastern part of Germany.


In 1847, Christian Wilhelm Stempel from Drachhausen (today Federal State Brandenburg in Germany), began a chain migration to the newly formed state of Iowa in the USA. As more people joined him, a community of Wends was formed.


By 1925, over 200 Wendish individuals had immigrated to Ford Madison and later the State Center area of Iowa, living near one another, marrying and raising large families. Over 12,000 descendents of these original Wends have been found living throughout the United States. Please click here to see the list of Wendish emigrants to Iowa.


The chairperson of the Iowa Wends is Cathy Petersen. Please feel free to contact her with questions about the group, obtaining copies of existing family histories, contributing your family data or participating in group activities at paradisesd@cox.net


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