On the ship S.S. Aller, arriving NEW YORK CITY, NY on 16 Mar 1889, are who appear to be a family of 5 Wends, traveling with a total of 15 Wends. The ship was from BREMEN, GERMANY, taking an indirect route, stopping in Southhampton, England.


1)      Carl JURTH, Sr. 43 or 48 years old, b 1846 or 1841, a farmer.

2)      Anna JURTH, 35, b. 1854

3)      Martin JURTH, son, 6, b 1883

4)      Christian JURTH, son, 7, born 1882

5)      Carl JURTH, Jr., 1 month, born April of 1889


They are listed on the same page with the 5 members of the BARTEL family, who were was originally from DRACHHAUSEN, and had apparently made a return visit to the village. The BARTEL’S originally immigrated in 1868 and are listed as citizens of the USA.


It is presumed they were going to FORT MADISON, IOWA, with the other Wends on this boat and were likely cousins of CARL “Charles W.” JURTH, who immigrated to FORT MADISON, IOWA at about the same time.


This family is not found in the DRACHHAUSEN books and may be found in a neighboring village, such as SCHMOGROW or FEHROW.

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