On the ship the “NECTAR,” leaving BREMEN, Germany on 26 July 1906 and arriving in BALTIMORE, MD on 7 August, Fred SCHMELLICK, 35, is returning to Marshall County, after a visit to Drachhausen, along with Martin RIESE, 73. Both are US citizens. Also on the ship is non-Wendish, Ida SCHULTZ, 28; who is going to Columbus, Ohio to her cousin’s home. Fred and Ida married in Columbus on 1 October 1906. It must have been a romantic voyage for these two, who may have met on the ship.


An excellent example of chain migration, also traveling from DRACHHAUSSEN, traveling together and listed with Fred SCHELLICK:


  1. Frederich PAHN, 27, farmer, going to COLO, IA to work for Fred SCHMELLICK
  2. Amelia SCHULTZ, 18, housemaid, going to work for her uncle Martin MEHLISCH, of ZEARING, IOWA
  3. Hienrich SCHMOGER, 15, farm laborer, going to work for Christian RIESE
  4. Anna KRETZCHMANN, 16, housemaid, going to work for “Uncle Martin SCHERGUN COLO, IOWA.”


The PAHN family is originally from TURNOW, but Fred’s, mother Anna FIBULLA is from Drachhausen. Believed to be born 10 Jan 1883, the fraction 1872/1906 appears by his name and may be estimate of his birth date, record shows he is going “home.”


Amelia SCHULTZE, born Anneliese, 30 Jan 1891, she greatly annoyed the family by marrying a German Jew, named Herman GRUNER, and moved to Syracuse, New York. She adopted an English child named Irvin, living to be 99 and of sound mind.


 Heinrich SCHMOGER, born 4 April 1891, was the son of Fred SCHMOGER and CAROLINE MARKUSCH.


Anna KRETZCHMANN, born 30 Jan 1891, was the daughter of Anna SCHERGUN (or JERGEN) of DRACHHAUSEN and Martin KRETZSCHMANN, of another village.  Her Uncle Martin SCHERGUN immigrated in 1882 to Canada, as the step child of Martin SCHIEMENZ of Peitz. He lived with the SCHMELLICK family in COLO, IOWA from 1900-1910, so Anna would be going to the SCHMELLICK farm.

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