According to indexes, the ship “Germann” leaves Bremen on Aug 6 1882 and enters the port of BALTIMORE, MD on 26 Aug 1882. An examination of the roster shows the name of the ship may have been “Hermann.” These passengers appear to be from Drachhausen and traveling together in steerage:


    1)  Friedrich SCHULTZE, 22 farmer, born 19 Oct 1859, Drachhausen

     2)  Martin GOSCHMANN, 40 joiner,

     3)  Martin MARKUSCH, 32, shoemaker

     4)  Carl JURTH, 33, worker

     5)  Maria SCHULTZE, 17, profession=none

     6)  Matthes MARKUSCH, b. 30 Jan 1851, Drachhausen, d. 1919, Sheboygan, WS, USA


Martin GOSCHMANN was born 4 Sept 1841 in Drachhausen.  This is the first record we have found of him entering the United States. He was likely going to his sister’s home, Mary and John SCHMELLICK, who had immigrated to MARSHALLTOWN in 1868. His second trip may have been the result of a vacation back to DRACHHAUSEN in 1893; he returned with another sister’s (Mary Christine’s)  son, nephew Fred HANNUSCH.  He never married, or owned land, and died in MINERVA TWSP, MARSHALL CO, IA. in 1918. (See 1893 HANNUSCH)


Matthes MARKUSCH, born 30 Jan 1851, in Drachhausen, may be the man represented as “Martin” in this record. There have been no records of a Martin MARKUSCH, of the right age, born in DRACHHAUSEN or living in IOWA.  Matthes MARKUSCH moved to SHEBOYGAN, WI, marrying a German, but not Wendish, woman and having 10 children.


Carl JURTH, born 22 Sep 1849 Drachhausen, was a married man with two children. He was headed for the USA to prepare a home for himself and his family.  He went first to MARSHALLTOWN; family lore says he stowed away. Perhaps, coming into Baltimore, he makes his way via land to the Mississippi and stows away on a riverboat to FORT  MADISON or some other Iowa port city (this route was used by previous Wends STEMPEL and GRAFF).


 Carl went to Marshalltown first; he lived with the GRIMSCHEL family in MINERVA TOWNSHIP, in the 1885 Iowa Census.  He may have worked on the RIESE or SCHMELLICK farms (Anna RINZA SCHMELLICK was his third cousin). This is where Martin GOSCHMANN goes or perhaps already lives. Carl JURTH filed to become a US citizen less than one year later, on 18 June 1883, in Marshalltown. He returns to DRACHHAUSEN, likely in response to a letter reporting the death of his wife and one of his children, around 1886. He is in DRACHHAUSEN, or nearby, about 3 years; returning to IOWA by 1890, with his remaining child, his widowed sister-in-law, who he has married, and his two nephews, plus a new baby. (See JURTH 1890)


We have no research on the two SCHULTZE’S on this ship. There is a Fred SCHULTZ who was a member of St. John’s in FORT MADISON, IOWA.  There are others on this ship who could be Wendish, including: Buchner, Nuemann, Kohl, Urban, Kleim, Werth, Nowi, Tietz.                            

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