John “SCHMELLIK,” Maria GOSCHMANN left Hamburg Germany on May 3, 1968 and arrived in Quebec on July 7, 1868, on the ship “Atlas.” Listed as “Son,” Christian, who may not have been Johann’s biological child. Turning 1 during the voyage, and having been born on June 9, 1867, his birth record does not indicate who his father is.


They traveled with 6 WOITO’S, who were from originally from DREWITZ and more recently from TAUER, both small villages near Drachhausen. Also on this boat were: Martin DOMANN (b 1832 in Drachhausen and Martin HUPPATZ (b 27 Feb 1830 in Drachhausen) and  his wife Anna and 2 children Friedrich and Louise, believed to be from Peitz. Louise URBAN. There was also the THIELE family, Wilhelm and Louise and their children, Hermann, Ernestine, Wilhelmine, and Wilhelmine again. There was a minister for some years in Drachhausen named THIELE, who lived elsewhere, perhaps PEITZ. The THIELE’s have also been found in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. It is not certain they are all the same family. So there are 15 Wends on this ship, counting the THIELE family (if they prove to be Wends), it would be 21. See the 1869 - WOITO page, for details on this family.


1)   Johann SCHMELLICK Sr., 26,  of Drachhausen

2)   Wife: Mary GOSCHMANN Schmellick, 30

3)   Son, Christian SCHMELLICK, 1, married Maria RINZA of Drachhausen, who immigrated in 1896.


Obituaries that have been found say that the family went to CANADA first, in 1868 but quickly moved on to ZEARING. The 1900 US Census says they became citizens in 1868. Though some family lore indicates they settled in FORT MADISON, IA for a short time, they lived nearest the Riese and Mehlisch families (who also came via Canada); near Zearing. 4 more children were born in the USA:


1)   John SCHMELLICK, Jr., twin - 1870, married Maria Freeze

2)   Mary SCHMELLICK, Jr., twin – 1870, married Fred Bader

3)   Frederick SCHMELLICK- 1871, married Ida Martha Schultz

4)   Anna SCHMELLICK – 1874, who married August Funke

5)   Unnamed SCHMELLICK, 1881, died at birth


Mary GOSCHMANN SCHMELLICK had an older sister back in Drachhausen, Liese GOSCHMANN. Liese had married Christian HANNUSCH in 1858. It is believed Mary & Liese were  communicating  and their information was being shared with the HANNUSCH clan of Drachhausen.


Oldest son, Christian SCHMELLICK inherited the ZEARING farm and his daughter, Marie SCHMELLICK lived on the farm until her death in 1992. Wendisch was spoken in this home, by all three daughters of Christian.


Another Wend who is believed to have immigrated to CANADA first, lived & worked for the SCHMELLICK family for many years: MARTIN SCHERGEN, who came to the USA in 1882, via Canada. Johan and Mary Sr. retired to State Center in 1905, where they were members of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.          

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