Part of a group of 11 other Wends, of the ship Augusta Victoria, from HAMBURG, and  landing in ELLIS ISLAND, NEW YORK CITY, on 4 September, 1896.


1)    Marie RINZA, 22, marries Christian SCHMELLICK, Jr.


Marie was born 2 Mar 1875, to Matthes Christian RINZA and Anna  KALUSSA.


Interestingly, on the same ship is passenger #257 John SCHMELIK, 54, US Citizen. He had originally immigrated in 1868, when he was 24.


Family lore says that he had returned to Germany to bring back others. Here he is on a returning ship with 11 Wends, all from Drachhausen.  John Schmellick Senior is bringing back a nice girl for his son to marry!


On the 10 of June 1897, less than one year after her arrival, she marries Christian Schmellick, Jr.


They had three girls, Ruby, in 1898; Atvea in 1900; and Marie Anna in 1904.  All three girls spoke Wendish and were taught about their Wendish roots. Atvea lived to an amazing 97 years of age.





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