Traveling together with 11 Wends from Drachhausen, on the Augusta Victoria, from HAMBURG, arriving ELLIS ISLAND, NYC, September 4, 1896:


1.     Otto RICHTER, 17, farmer, marries Bertha MEHLISCH


Otto was the son of Carl RICHTER of the neighboring village of  JAENSCHWALDE and Caroline HUSCHEN of DRACHHAUSEN. 

He was born in DRACHHAUSEN, 7 Jan 1879.


He was going directly to State Center, according to the ship records, perhaps to work for John SCHMELLICK, Sr. who was also on the ship.


Ten years after his arrival, at 27, he married Bertha MEHLISCH, who was 2nd generation Wend, the daughter of Martin MEHLISCH and Marie RIESE, both born in Drachhausen, but residents of STATE CENTER by this time.


Otto Richter always had a smoke house and cured their own hams and meats, for their own family’s use.

He had 4 children, none of whom married Wends:  

      1. Herman Richter, b. 4 May 1909, married Marcella Eggers

2.     Oscar, 13 Jul 1913, married Elaine Eggers

3.     Fern, 18 September 1920, married Dale Nuebauer

4.     Robert, 20 April 1932, married Marilee Fricke


He Died age 80 in State Center, Iowa, in 1959.               

(Written 31 Mar 2006)




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