This family traveling with their friends, the GULLICKíS, on the ship Elise, arrive New York City, on the 16th of July, from DRACHHAUSEN. Their name is spelled REISHNER in the ship roster:


1)    Gottlieb RIESNER, 27, farmer

2)    Wife: Maria KULLOWATZ,  30

3)    Son of Maria: Martin MEHLOW, Jr., 4 

4)    Mother-in-law: Anna KULLOWATZ, 58


Maria had been married twice before, with very bad luck. Her first husband, Martin NUGLISCH, along with their child, died within 5 years of their marriage.


Her second husband, Martin MEHLOW Sr., died one year and 8 months after the birth of their only son, just two years after their marriage.


Gottlieb is her third husband, married her two years after Martin Sr. death; eight months later, their first child is born dead.


They make this voyage with Marieís Mother, Anna KULLOWATZ, whose maiden name was HANDOW. Anna had five children prior to marrying Hans HANDOW; only the fifth, Martin HANDOW, carried his name. This accounts for Marieís maiden name, KULLOWATZ,  matching her motherís.  Anna had 10 children total; second daughter,  Liese KULLOWATZ, married Martin CHITTAN, of TURNOW, BRANDENBERG.  Other CHITTAN family members, all from TURNOW, end up in FORT MADISON, married into the NUEMANN family. Another daughter, Caroline HANDOW, now married to Hans STOPURA and their children are traveling with the group


She leaves behind 3 sons and a daughter, in DRACHHAUSEN; she also lost a daughter and two sons at young ages, though she had the boys in her 40ís.                                                                                                                                                        

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