1)   Martin MAHLOW Jr., 29, military reservist, of Drachhausen,


It is believed that Martin Mahlow Jr., unhappy with a new stepmother, left home at the age of 13 and worked for an uncle in the Black Forest. At 21, in 1876, he entered the service. His squadron was the Brandenburg Calvary Regiment. He left the service in 1879 & returned to Peitz. In April 1884, Martin entered a Reserve Unit at Cottbus; the commander gave him permission to take a vacation to America from May 1, 1884 to May 1, 1885. He never returned to Germany.


Martin Mahlow Jr., b. 1 Apr 1855 in Drachhausen, Germany, died 31 Jul 1943 in State Center, IA, USA.


First he traveled through CANADA on his way to the USA. Then he went to STORY CO. to work for Martin RIESE. In 1887, he married the boss’s daughter, Anna RIESE, who immigrated in 1871, also Wendish of Drachhausen descent; she had been born in CANADA, in 1868. They lived on a farm in STORY COUNTY, IA and raised 10 children.


1)            Marie MAHLOW, b.1886 bled to death in unsuccessful

         appendectomy, 13 Sept,1907

1)        Martin MAHLOW, III, b.1889, married Alta Koepple

3)      Frederick MAHLOW, b.1891, married Mary Elisabeth Lenihan

4)      Amelia MAHLOW, b.1893, married Frederick Brodie

5)            Albert MAHLOW, b. 1895, fell on ice, hit head & died before surgery,


6)         Bertha MAHLOW, b.1897, married Harold “Henry” Trites

7)       Lydia MAHLOW, b.1900 married Carter Patton

8)       Elizabeth “Betty” MAHLOW,  b.1903, married Charles Stoll

9)         Ernest MAHLOW, b. 1905, died 3 Feb.1906, influenza

10)           Elvira MAHLOW, b.1907, married Glen Devick

11)           Harold Paul MAHLOW, b 1913, married Mildred Beach & Edith Severidt                                                                         

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