1)    Friedrich BARTUSCH, born Turno, Brandenberg, Germany, 1855

2)    Anna NOKA, born 1861, Repten Brandenberg, Germany, 1861


In information recorded in the records of  St. John’s United Church of Christ, in FORT MADISON, IOWA; and found by the research of George Nielsen; the marriage of Friedrich BARTUSCH of TURNO on 27 of September, 1883, with the note “newly immigrated Wends.”  In this record, his father is identified as George BARTUSCH of TURNO, which is a tiny village a few miles south of DRACHHAUSEN. The bride is identified as Anna NOKA of REPTEN, GERMANY, the daughter of August NOKA. The witness was Elisabeth BARTEL, a family also found in DRACHHAUSEN.


In DRACHHAUSEN, there is a “NOAK” family, who Anna may be related to and NOKA maybe a misspelling of that name.  There is no evidence of a village named REPTEN, anywhere in Germany, though there is a village about 15 miles northeast of DRACHHAUSEN, known as “RESSEN.” The NOAK family is also found in SHEBOYGAN, WI.  Friedrich BARTUSCH can be linked to his mother; whose second marriage is to Martin KRUEGER, of DREHNOW; who was twenty years her Junior, and only 7 years older than her son Friedrich. This marriage, of a much older woman, to a much younger man, oddly occurred in DRACHHAUSEN, 22 December 1871, and may have created some motivation for son Friedrich to move to the USA.


The marriage of Friedrich and Anna in FT MADISON, IOWA, remains a mystery. The church books show that this family continued to have 4 children, recorded in the St John UCC church books, in FORT MADISON:


1)   Friedrich BARTUSCH, Jr., b 7 Aug 1884

2)  Dorothea BARTUSCH, 28 Nov 1885

3)  Maria BARTUSCH , 1 Oct 1887

4)  Lina (Caroline) BARTUSCH, 15 Dec 1891


 Friedrich BARTASCH, (Spelled in that manner) became a USA citizen, his naturalization record filed in North Lee County Naturalization Certificates.  The family is never found in the Iowa or Federal Censuses, anywhere in the USA. It is very possible their name was misspelled; or perhaps Fred Sr and/or Fred Jr. died young, leaving no one to carry on the BARTUSCH family name in FORT MADISON, and/or the family moved on to another area, Americanizing their name; or with the wife remarried and the girls married, no one carried the name on.                              

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