Leaving Hamburg, 18 Apr 1894, on the Ship “Amalfi,” 23 year old Johann Nuglisch headed to New York City. He was following his younger brother Fred, b 11 Feb 1877, who had immigrated a year earlier.


In the 1895 Iowa census, John Nuglisch was shown living with the BUBNER family, near VIELE, IOWA, near FORT MADISON, IOWA.


They were found again in 1910, living in separate homes in KENNYDALE, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON.


Johann was a naturalized citizen and working as a logger in a logging camp. Both men were single.


Fred registered for the World War I draft listing Alice Hathaway as his “nearest relative,” who lived in Renton, King County, Washington.  He would have been 41 years old at this time. His older brother was apparently too old.


In 1920, both men are living in SPRINGBROOK, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, living as adjoining neighbors and listed as farmers. Fred is still single but Johann has married Sophie, an immigrant from Prussia, who had two children, stepsons Phillip Kopsisher, b 1902 and Jacob Kopsisher, born 1903. The couple was likely too old to have children of their own.  Sophie was nearly 50.


Johan and Sophie died 6 months apart from each other in 1949 in Springbrook, King County Washington.


Another Fred Nuglisch, from DRACHHAUSEN, immigrated to New York City, b 7 Jan 1901, d Sep 1983, in SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK. He was from the same family; immigrating when he was 25 to Brooklyn, he identified his mother as living in Wilmersdorf, just south of Drachhausen, by that time.

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1)    Johann NUGLISCH, b 5 Oct 1866, DRACHHAUSEN

Son of Matthes NUGLISCH and Anna PESCHKIN, Johann is found as the witness at the wedding of Matthes KULLOWATZ and Hannah BARTEL, on 26 Dec 1894.


The other witness is Emma BARTEL, the sister of Hannah.


The only other evidence of the Wend coming to Iowa is that he never appears in the DRACHHAUSEN books after his birth, never marrying or having children.


A John NUGLISCH is found in the US 1910 census, in Kenneydale, King County, Washington, labeled a logger in a logging camp. This shows his immigration as 1874, he would have only be 8 years old.


What appears to be his brother, Gottfried or "Fred” is also there; both are single.                                                                 

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