Martin GUTKE, of Drachhausen, b. 22 March 1827, immigrated 1857-58 

Martin’s birth record and Brandenberg Emmigration Papers show that he went to AUSTRALIA in 1857.

By September 28, 1857 he is in FORT MADISON, IOWA buying land from a fellow WEND, John STOPPURA, who was also from DRACHHAUSEN.  He paid $100 plus interest to STOPPURA, for Lot number 10811 (described in writing as Ten hundred and eighty), which was 37 and ˝ feet (6 inches) – West of the South East Corner. This is presumably in the now downtown area of FORT MADISON, in LEE COUNTY, IOWA. The transfer of land was witnessed by a third Wend, H.F. STEMPEL.


He later marries a WEND from DRACHHAUSEN, Caroline HALBASCH, who came to America with the MUSCHICK family in 1857, with her young son Christian nee HALBASCH in tow, and likely pregnant with her next son, John HALBASCH. Perhaps Martin GUTKE was the  biological father of both illegitimate boys, because though he seems to go to AUSTRALIA first, he some how makes his way to FORT MADISON and marries Caroline HALBASCH on the 20th of Mar, 1858, just 6 months after the purchase of the lot from his friend Johan STOPPURA. The boys take the GUTKE name. On the same day, and in the same place, he gains a brother in law; Caroline’s older sister Anna HALBASCH, married John DOBLER.


On 18 Dec 1863, their first and infant daughter, Anna Maria’s death, was recorded in St. John’s Evagelisches Church Records in FORT MADISON, IOWA; she died of diphtheria. 


On the 26th of March, 1864, just four months later, they had another daughter, and in the Wendish custom, named her Anna Maria, after her dead sister.  This is also recorded in church records. The Godparents were listed as Martin and Maria MUSCHICK. These were companions who mother Caroline HALBASCH had traveled to America with in 1857, on the ship “Marion.”


The 1870 Federal Census for Iowa shows them in the 4th Ward of FORT MADISON, IOWA; Martin is listed as a farmer, and they have five children; Christian, 16; John, 13; Henry, 11, & Lizzie, 6, Mary, 2; all using the GUTKE name. Note the 2nd Anna Marie is not there, so she presumably also died as an infant.


When Caroline marries Martin GUTKE; her two  HALBASCH sons took the GUTKE name, so the HALBASCH name from this family line does not survive in the USA.    

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