1)   Johann “Hans” BUBNER, 35, farmer of DRACHHAUSEN

2)   Wife: Louisa SCHULTZE, 33 of DREWITZ, a few miles SW

3)   son, Martin BUBNER, 5, later a basket maker

4)   son, Matthias BUBNER, 1

5)   Gottfried BUBNER, 28, brother to Hans


Immigrated to the FORT MADISON, IA area, near MUSCHICK & GULLICK homesteads.  Daughter, Caroline BUBNER was born, just after their arrival, in VIELE or JEFFERSONVILLE, IA, in Johnson County, just south of FORT MADISON, IA & beside the Mississippi River; followed by three sisters.


6)    Caroline BUBNER, b 1869,

7)    Anna Louise  BUBNER, b 1875,  

8)    Mary BUBNER, b 1875,

9)    Emma BUBNER, 1877


 In the 1900 Census they live in land adjacent to the GULLICK’S, who immigrated in  1853.


By 1880, the oldest son, Martin, had moved to Kansas where he lived with his Uncle Gottfried, who had traveled on the same ship. He is believed to have stayed single his entire life. In 1910, he did odd jobs in NETAWAKA, JACKSON COUNTY. KANSAS and was still alive in 1915. It is believed he divided his time between his uncle Gottfried BUBNER and his sister Caroline BUBNER SCHLODDER’S homes.


Second son, Matthias was found in 1905 Kansas Census as a single man living in LABETTE, LABETTE COUNTY, KANSAS.  It is presumed he never married or had children.


Caroline BUBNER met Gottfried SCHLODDER when he was a migrant worker who came to the BUBNER farm near JEFERSONVILLE, LEE COUTNY, IOWA; to pick corn. They married in 1892, when they were both 23 years old & moved to TOPEKA, KS & there they raised their 10 Wendish children.  


In 1902, Anna Louise  BUBNER, b 1875,  married John Martin GULLICK, a 2nd generation Wend and son of Fred GULLICK and Mary MUSCHICK, who had immigrated in 1853, from Drachhausen. They had only one son we have found, Raymond GULLICK, in 1908.                               


Mary BUBNER became Post Mistress of VIELE, and married William A Wilson, a non-wend in 1900. She had 3 children. The first 2, Emory, in 1905, and Juanita in 1907, were born in Missouri.  The third, Vern V., was born in Iowa in 1910. At least from 1925-1930, they lived in BETTENDORF, SCOTT COUNTY, IOWA, where William is shown as a telegraph operator for the railroad.


Emma BUBNER, b 1877 married a BUSH, who is believed to be related to the much later President George Bush’s family.


The 1895 Iowa Census shows John BUBNER is 61, a widower, Matthew, 30, Anna 21, Mary 19 and Emma 17 and John NUGELISCH, 29 are living together, they are Lutherans. NUGLISCH was also from DRACHHAUSEN, and had Mehlow’s and Mehlisch’s in his family tree.




Gottfried BUBNER, who was eight years younger than his brother Johan, was single when he came to America. He is first found in records in St John’s church in Fort Madison where he is a godparent for Friedrich Becker, which is recorded on the same page as the christening of his new niece, Caroline BUBNER.


He is believed to have married his wife Louisa in about 1874, when he was 34 years old. In the 1880 census he is found with two daughters, Anna, born 1875, and Ida born, 1877, in NEWAKA, JACKSON COUNTY, KANSAS.  He is listed as a wagon maker. In the 1900 and 1910 Federal census, he is a furniture dealer. It is believed his wife Louisa died around 1908, and he remarried by 1910 to Frankie H., 19 years his junior. He died sometime after 1920 and believed to have lived his life out in the NEWAKA, KANSAS area. His surviving wife, Frankie, is found as a housekeeper in Houston, Texas in 1930.


The town of VIELE, IOWA, where the BUBNERS first settled and Mary became the postmistress no longer exists. In about 1977, descendent Jim Blauer returned to find the old, run down structure that use to be the barn of Anna Henrietta GULLICK KALBUS, a Wendish neighbor, and part of the family that Anna Louise BUBNER married into.  


JEFFERSONVILLE, IOWA, which is mentioned in some BUBNER records, was a village in the northwestern part of section 16, Jefferson Township, on the C., B. & Q. H. H. It was laid out in 1867, but failed to build up owing to its nearness to VIELE; The post office, established before the village was platted, ran from 1856 with the exception of two short intermissions, until 1876.

When they  lived there, they would have known Wendish neighbors: the Muschicks, Gullicks, Schlodders, Stempels and Urbans, all of whom preceded them to the US.


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