Hermann ZACHOW was born 15 March 1902, in SIELOW, Brandenburg, Germany, a tiny village barely north of COTTBUS, and about 15 miles south of DRACHHAUSEN.  His father, Friedrich ZACHOW Sr., married Anna MEHLISCH, who had been born illegitimately in DRACHHAUSEN, November 16, 1877.  Anna’s mother, (Hermann’s grandmother) Marie MEHLISCH later married Johann Christian SCHULTZE, who became Anna’s stepfather, thus creating a link by marriage to the SCHULTZE family, though Anna did not adopt the SCHULTZE name.


Hermann immigrated to the USA, landing in New York 14 Feb 1925. He left from HAMBURG; sailing on the "S. S. Cleveland."   Having a heart murmur, which would have made it impossible to pass the rigorous physical examination, required of those going “steerage” through Ellis Island; he cleverly sailed 2nd class, which did not require such scrutiny. His declared destination was COLO, IA.


      1) Hermann ZACHOW, 21, blacksmith, SIELOW


Another clear example of chain migration, his maternal uncle from DRACHHAUSEN, “Chris” SCHULTZE had immigrated to Iowa in 1898 (see 1898 Schultze page).  By 1923 Chris was farming in the ZEARING area, with wife Laura Voss and three daughters, Mabel, Ruth and Goldie.


His uncle Chris, having paid for Hermann’s ship fare and transportation to Iowa; received farm work from Hermann on the SCHULTZE farm; until the debt was paid off.  Though horses were still in use for some farming chores at that time; it is believed he worked as a farm laborer, rather than a blacksmith.  Hermann lived in Iowa for 3-4 years.


He then moved to NEW YORK CITY, where his older brother, Friedrich or “Fritz” ZACHOW Jr. had been living since his immigration there, on 26 Sep 1923, and to the home of their maternal Aunt Anna Liese SCHULTZE Gruner (See 1906 page).


Hermann lived in the BRONX, NEW YORK CITY, where he married Alice THIELE, who was born in Erfurt, Germany.  They had at two daughters, Luise and Anna Marie. After Alice’s death he remarried and moved to SHENEVUS,  NEW YORK, where he lived out the rest of his life.  He made at least one trip back to Iowa with his family to visit the Wendish community near ZEARING, IOWA.                       

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