1)   Martin BOHRISCH, 25, farmer of Drachhausen

The oldest living of the 8 children of Christian BOHRISCH & Liese BUDER, when his mother died, his father remarried and had 3 more children. It is said that when Martin came to America it was to avoid conscription, or being drafted; but he was a bit old for this. The fact that he never spoke of the very large family he left behind & he was believed to be an only child, may indicate a rift had occurred.


He would have entered this country through ELLIS ISLAND. He was likely going to relatives in the STATE CENTER area.


2)   Emma RIEMENSCHNEIDER Hilleman, b. Abt. 1875

7 years later, at 32, he married the previously married Emma Hilleman and they made their home on a farm east of VAN CLEVE, MARSHALL COUNTY, IA, where they farmed.  They had one child.


3)   3)  Walter Ernst BOHRISCH,  b. July 24, 1904 at Van Cleve, IA,

Walter married Nellie Zelma Phillips, 20, in 1934 at the Bohrisch family home.  They had 4 children.


The Martin BOHRISCHíS were members of St. Johnís Evangelical Reformed church near HAVERHILL. The church supported Deacons Hospital; the BOHRISCHíS butchered meat and canned fruit and vegetables raised on their farm for the kitchens of the hospital.


Basically, because Daddy (Walter Ernst) was an only child and we only knew that our Grandpa Bohrisch (Martin, b 1871) had come to the U.S. as a young man and did not speak of family.  I was only 4 years old when Grandpa died and have only the vaguest  memory of him.

This I can write for sure - Martin Bohrisch b 1-18-1871 d 1-24-1940; married Emma Riemenschneider Hilleman  June of 1903.   One child, Walter Ernst b. July 24, 1904 at Van Cleve, IA, d. January 3, 1983 at Thayer, MO.  Married Nellie Zelma Phillips December 22, 1934 at the Bohrisch family home.  Location is east of Van Cleve, but mailing address was Haverhill, IA.  This is in Marshall county.  Nellieís birthdate is June 25, 1914.  She was born in Mildred, Montana.  At this time, Mother is living in Thayer, MO. 

I have talked to Mom and she can add little to this info.  She remembers that Martin came to the U.S. as a young man to avoid conscription in the military.  Since the obit states he came at age of 22, can we use educated guess that he arrived in 1893?   She did recognize the name of Drachhausen.  She said Martin and Emma farmed north of State Center for a few years before moving to the farm near Van Cleve.  Grandpa Martin was active in the St. Johnís Evangelical and Reformed church near Haverhill.  Mother has given me a very old picture of a large gathering of men at some sort of church conference, not dated of course!  I also have a membership card of Martin Bohrisch in the Evangelical Deaconess Society; Marshalltown, IA dated 1921.  This is in relation to the hospital that the church supported.  Mother also remembers that Grandpa and Grandma butchered meat and canned fruit and vegetables raised on their farm for the kitchens of the hospital.  She said she has lots of books in the attic.  So on my next visit I will be searching for more information. I am curious to learn what Martinís middle name might be.  I donít see any indication of him using an initial or a name on any of the stuff I have.

Walter and Nellie Bohrisch have 4 children.





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